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  • Satellite image map of Bunger Hills East/Wilkes Land, Antarctica. This map was produced for the Australian Antarctic Division by AUSLIG Commercial (now Geoscience Australia), in Australia, in 1992. The map is at a scale of 1:50000, and was produced from four multispectral space imagery SPOT 1 scenes. It is projected on a Transverse Mercator projection, and shows glaciers/ice shelves and gives some historical text information. The map has both geographical and UTM co-ordinates.

  • In July 1989 a circular was distributed calling for applicants for survey duties in the Antarctic over the 1989-90 summer season. The aim of this survey was to carry out a number of survey tasks in the Vestfold Hills, Larsemann Hills, Mawson and the Southern Prince Charles Mountains. It soon became apparent that for logistic reasons deployment in the PCMs would be difficult and this part of the survey was deleted. Job reports for this survey season : Larsemann Hills Photo control; SPOT Image control Rauer Group; Law Base; Russian tide gauge conn. Russian Primary Mark connection; Russian ice runway; Blundell Peak; Vestfold Hills; GPS baselines; Ancient Marine terraces, Lake water levels, Over Ice route markers, Mawson Pageos connection. Includes text, tables, aerial photographs and diagrams.