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  • ---- Public Summary from Project ---- The Southern Ocean is one the most significant regions on earth for regulating the build up of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere, and the capacity for carbon uptake in the region could be altered by climate change. The project aims to establish a time series of anthropogenic carbon accumulation. The work will be used to identify processes regulating the CO2 uptake and to test models that predict future uptake. 2001-2002 Season: Data collection for this project was solely carried out on voyage three of the 2001/2002 season. Total dissolved inorganic carbon (TCO2) and titration alkalinity (TA) measurements were made on the CLIVAR SR3 section between Hobart and Antarctica. The carbon samples were taken from a 24 bottle rosette and have an approximate horizontal resolution of 60nm with closer spacing in regions where horizontal gradients were large. Many of the stations sampled for carbon had multiple casts to improve vertical resolution. The CRM analyses were used to calibrate the titration cell volume. Preliminary analysis of Certified Reference Material (CRM) Seawater from Scripps Institution of Oceanography show data quality was generally good. For TCO2 the measurements on Batch 52 CRM's the average concentration was 2005.65 +/- 1.36 micromol/kg (n=65; 1 s.d.). For TA the average CRM values were 2224.76 +/- 1.17 micromol/kg (n=45, 1 s.d.). The certified values for Batch 52 was 2005.57 +/- 0.39 and 2224.72 +/- 0.81 micromol/kg for TCO2 and TA, respectively. The fields in this dataset follow standard WOCE naming practices. See the url given below for further details. The fields in this dataset are: EXPOCODE SECT_ID STNNBR CASTNO SAMPNO BTLNBR BTLNBR_FLAG_W DATE TIME LATITUDE LONGITUDE DEPTH CTDPRS CTDTMP CTDSAL CTDSAL_FLAG_W SALNTY SALNTY_FLAG_W CTDOXY CTDOXY_FLAG_W OXYGEN OXYGEN_FLAG_W SILCAT SILCAT_FLAG_W NITRAT NITRAT_FLAG_W PHSPHT PHSPHT_FLAG_W CFC-11 CFC-11_FLAG_W CFC-12 CFC-12_FLAG_W CFC113 CFC113_FLAG_W CCL4 CCL4_FLAG_W TCARBN TCARBN_FLAG_W ALKALI ALKALI_FLAG_W 2008-2009 Season: The Southern Ocean is a critical region on earth for taking up anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Over the past year, underway equipment has been used on a number of Aurora Australis voyages to estimate the air-sea exchange of CO2 and to characterise the variability in the exchange. The information is part of a large long term international effort to determine how much CO2 is being taken up by the ocean and to improve predictions of how the uptake and CO2 storage will change in future. An underway CO2 system was run on a number of voyages on Aurora Australis.